Fumy Cognac Brown Siv Leather Bracelet Silver Clasp
Fumy Cognac Brown Siv Leather Bracelet Silver Clasp Lying
Brown female leather bracelet with silver clasp

Siv leather bracelet - Fieno cognac brown (Silver)

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Colour fieno = cognac brown 

Designed in Sweden and crafted by soft Italian vegetable tanned leather with the signature Fumy clasp in bright gold or silver. 

A Fumy bracelet is a cared for detail to your everyday ensemble. A polished and playful accessory to wrap around your arm, match or unmatch with your other personal accessories for a unique feel that is all you.

Size S: 17,2 cm 

Size M: 18,2 cm 

Size L: 19,2 cm 

How to meassure: 

Take out a string of thread, paper or measuring tape, enough length to wrap around your wrist. 

Hold your arm straight out and relaxed, with you other hand, wrap it around your wrist where you would like to wear the bracelet.

Don’t wrap to tight but keep exactly as you would like the bracelet to be comfortable around your wrist. 

Mark the spot where it meets the other end and then lay the thread beside a ruler or measuring tape if using a thread to calculate the length.

The leather we use at Fumy is a soft and vegetable tanned leather from sustainable Italian tanneries with over 40 years craft experience. Our tanneries use innovative processes combined with the best traditional craftsmanship to produce high quality and sustainable leather characterized by an incomparable natural softness. The tanning of the leather is made by using only natural tannins, without using any chemicals and has the environmental LWG certificate (Leather Working Group).

Our clasp is made of the metal Zamak, which provides hypoallergenic qualities and is designed for people with sensitive skin. Zamak is a reliable alloy that keeps your skin non-reactive because of its purity.